lanyard and card holder

Upgrade Your Look with Stylish and Functional Lanyard and Card Holders in Singapore

Lanyards Printing: A Blend of Style & Durability

  • Tailored for the Lion City: Designed with the modern Singaporean in mind, our lanyards resonate with both heritage and contemporary flair.
  • Merlion-approved durability: Like the iconic Merlion, our lanyards stand the test of time, enduring daily wear and tear with ease.
  • SG Events Ready: Perfect for conferences at Marina Bay Sands or student events at NUS, these lanyards ensure you make an impression.
  • Comfort in the Tropics: With Singapore's humid weather, our lanyards are crafted to remain comfortable, ensuring day-long wear without irritation.
  • Elevate your style with a touch of Singaporean elegance, only at RafflesTag.

Pull Reels: Fast-paced Singaporean Lifestyle

  • Quick Access, SG Style: For the Singaporean on-the-go, our pull reels ensure swift and smooth access to essentials.
  • MRT Ready: Hassle-free taps at MRT stations or when hopping on a bus.
  • Durability meets Design: Echoing the strength of the Esplanade's domes and the beauty of the Gardens by the Bay.
  • Hawker Centre to Boardroom: Whether you're grabbing lunch at Lau Pa Sat or presenting in a meeting, our pull reel's got you covered.
  • RafflesTag's pull reels: Efficiency and elegance combined.

PVC Cards: Reflecting the Heartbeat of Singapore

  • Resilient as SG: Made to mirror the strength and spirit of Singapore, our PVC cards won't let you down.
  • Vibrant Prints, Clear Details: Just like our city's vivid festivals and events, every print stands out with clarity and vibrancy.
  • Island-wide Acceptance: Perfect for memberships from Sentosa to Punggol, our PVC cards ensure wide acceptability.
  • Rain or Shine: Built to withstand sudden showers or the sunny spells at East Coast Park.
  • Capture the essence of Singapore with RafflesTag's premium PVC cards.

Card Holders: Singapore's Sophisticated Choice

  • Sleek, like our Skyline: Inspired by Singapore's modern skyline, our card holders offer a blend of functionality and sophistication.
  • Orchard Road Companion: Make an impression, whether you're networking at a café in Orchard or sealing a deal in Raffles Place.
  • Tropical Resilience: Built to withstand the island's humidity, ensuring your cards remain crisp and pristine.
  • A Holder for Every Card: From your EZ-Link to your credit cards, keep everything organized in style.
  • Keep Singapore at your fingertips with our premium card holders.

Lanyard and Card Holder FAQS:

Why should I choose RafflesTag's lanyards over others in the market?

At RafflesTag, we understand the unique blend of culture, sophistication, and functionality that Singaporeans look for. Our lanyards are not just accessories; they're a statement of style, resilience, and Singaporean pride. Our lanyards stand out with top-notch quality and local flavor.

How durable are the pull reels for daily use?

Our pull reels are crafted for the dynamic Singaporean lifestyle. Whether you're swiftly tapping in and out at MRT stations, attending events at Marina Bay, or just out for a local teh tarik, our pull reels ensure consistent performance and durability, day in and day out.

Can the PVC cards handle wear and tear from daily commuting?

Yes, they can! Just like the enduring spirit of Singapore, our PVC cards are built to withstand the daily rigors of island life. From the crowded MRTs to the breezy Sentosa beaches, these cards retain their quality, ensuring they're ready whenever you are.

Can I customize my lanyard or card designs to represent local events or symbols?

Of course! We take pride in our Singaporean heritage and understand the significance of local symbols, events, and landmarks. Whether it's the Merlion, the National Day Parade, or a local community event, we offer customization options to let your lanyard or card echo the Singaporean heartbeat

How do I care for my RafflesTag products in Singapore's weather?

While our products are designed to handle the tropical conditions, it's always a good idea to keep them away from direct sunlight for prolonged periods and to store them in a cool, dry place when not in use. This ensures longevity and maintains the product's aesthetic appeal.

Are the card holders suitable for Singapore's humid climate?

Absolutely! Keeping in mind Singapore's tropical climate, our card holders are designed to resist humidity and moisture. This ensures that your cards remain dry, undamaged, and in pristine condition, whether you're out at East Coast Park or navigating the hustle of Orchard Road.