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Custom soft enamel pins have consistently been the most popular pin type for more than a decade. They allow for a great deal of flexibility in design and the bold featuring of numerous colors. We include the first 3 paint colors at no charge! Soft enamel pins are instantly recognizable by the raised metal borders and recessed enamel paint fills. This contrast creates visual depth and a striking design. This feature is one of the few things that all soft enamel lapel pins have in common. They come in all shapes and sizes and can vary from small and simple to 7" wide and elaborate with crazy shapes and upgrades like cutouts, 3D molds, rhinestones, translucent paint, LED blinkers, glitter, and more. Custom soft enamel pin uses vary as much as their appearances do. We regularly make collectible enamel pins for corporate uniforms, career milestones, and employee recognition. We also make custom enamel pins for brand, product line, new movie, book, and graphic novel launches. Artists (both musical and graphic) also favor custom soft enamel pins to showcase their logos and artwork.
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